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So, for all of the people who have been repeatedly asking what I look like. Yeah… that’s my mug over there. I don’t really consider myself a writer. I just love words and ideas, which partially is an explanation for my extended reticence regarding posting a picture of my face. I’m sincerely all about ideas, not personalities. However, I’ve been persuaded by some well meaning souls that people seem to respond better to words coming from a face. Besides, I’m aiming to talk to a million other faces – seems only fair that they know which ‘face’ is talking to them. This blog won’t be replacing what I’m doing on IG {link below}, so most of the work I do will still be there. Thank you for stopping by!

ibsenamadeus, aka YIAM

I purchased a copy of one of Braeden Michaels books titled ‘The Raven’s Poison {see purchase link below}, and haven’t regretted the purchase. The writer informs the reader early in the book that his style of writing is “deconstructive” where things are pulled apart and put back together again. Mr. Michaels credits his mother with his love for writing. Thank you mom! Mr. Michaels has also published other books which I haven’t yet read. Please visit his IG Page {link also below} to get a sense of the depth of this writer’s mind. Thank you Michael for your contribution to writing!

Purchase The Raven’s Poison.  Visit the Writer’s Instagram Page.

I purchased a copy of Boomie Bol’s book, ‘Paper Heart‘ {see purchase link below}, and can say that it is a read that is full of inspirational poetry. The writer proclaims that she has words for breakfast, “positive affirmations”; Lunch, “a soup of fiction with a salad of fantasies”, and quiet meditations for dinner. Her book is spread with love, family and witty observations. Please visit her IG Page {link below} for an SM upfront seat to this writer’s vibe. Thank you Boomie for your contribution to writing!

Purchase Paper Heart. Visit the Writer’s Instagram Page