• Poem by Lezel Simons.

    Be real. Give me jokes to make me laugh. Make me smile. Sing to me. Write me letters. Tell me everything you believe in, hope for, dream of. Your deepest fears. Show me your pain. Sit with me. Cry with me. Trust me. Build and create with me. Be real. No pretenses. No show. Just you. I don’t want to be given things. Give me you.  

  • Of Note by YIAM

    An Observation. I find it interesting, that in the parlance of American society- A black man who walks into a room with confidence can be labeled arrogant by some in his own camp- and uppity by marauders from across the swamp. The tragic consequence of these overarching confluences of negativity- is that the black man in America often reduces himself to being small to soothe the egos of his kin, whilst simultaneously engineering his invisibility to the other side- on account of his own skin.  

  • A Short Story in Poetic Form by YIAM.

    He didn’t got to Cinderella’s ball. No, he was born with it hung about his neck- trotted out at three to visiting company, displayed as the resident prodigy- “Ain’t nothing written that there boy can’t read- here boy, read this-” someone would thrust a newspaper in his face- and boy would proceed to read not making even one mistake; every apostrophe, every colon and period – read diligently in their place. But after those welcome guests had scattered the boy would be dragged – back to being battered. Cinderella’s ball hanging neath his chin- they’d lock him in closets, make him sleep on the floor of the scullery, where the…