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I love ideas! I love talking about them, writing about them, and seeking ways in which to more clearly express them. Of course, like all other homo sapiens, my ideas are just that – ‘My ideas’ and so they’re definitely subjective and always subject to correction. “Please correct me if you think I am misguided in the expression of any idea I proceed to go on about. Most of my online communication is done through my Instagram account. Link HERE. Please feel free to DM me. I promise, I’ll respond as soon as humanly possible.

A few things about me personally: I currently reside in the US in the beautiful State of Florida where I attended and graduated from undergraduate and graduate school at The University of Central Florida. I currently hold a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies & an MS in Health Care Informatics. I love gardening, see pics on this page. (These are old, I currently don’t make the time to garden as I did back then). I also love jogging, biking, and bird watching – well I love biking more than jogging cause it’s just easier and more fun to me. My aim in this life is to talk to as many people as I can reach – like a million! Yeah.. that.

I recently completed reading this book on a trip to South Africa {Very long plane ride}. The book tells the story of Maurice White, who is credited with forming the group Earth Wind & Fire, and being seminal to the group’s success. I recommend the book even if you’re not a fan of this amazing band!

See link on Amazon to this book.

“The late Grammy-winning founder of the legendary pop/R&B/soul/funk/disco group tells his story and charts the rise of his legendary band in this sincere memoir that captures the heart and soul of an artist whose groundbreaking sound continues to influence music today” Quote from Amazon page for this book.